THE FAST... Is over

Its over because I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch today with Chase and Wesley... I fed the beast inside a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and some of those scrumpdilly waffle fries- a true moment of weakness. But I did go without sweet tea, so I am still off the crystal!

So yeah, wanted to follow up on the post from last night regarding Hatch Show Print... Hatch produces iconic band posters on historic hand set letter presses one color at a time... I really dont know why it was so compelling- maybe the history or the walls covered in old posters or maybe even the fact that I spent so many hours sitting inside the "Red Hot & Blue" takeout area looking at the old blues posters on the wall, and it made me love BBQ all over again. Whatever- Hatch is cool.

Stay creative.


THE FAST... Day 22

Yeah- the fast officially ended yesterday with communion... But since Kelly & I were driving back from Nashville - it actually ended about the same time, but instead of grape juice- it was BBQ sauce from Marys, and the bread was still bread, but there was some pork in there too.... The reason I am calling today day 22 is that we are trying to build better eating into a habit... No chips with my burrito at lunch (actually would have rather eaten tofu than the chicken) and we had patties made with black-eyed peas, peppers, and a tomato relish - by far the best tasting meatless dinner yet. Still no soda, no coffee, or sweet tea... Did eat some french fries saturday night in Nashville at dinner.

Highlights from Nash-vegas:
-Walking around in a pretty cool city... actually could see us living there one day.
-Hatch Show Print... Coolest, most creatively stimulating place that I have ever stumbled upon.
-The Foo Fighters in concert- just a great show. Some obligatory rock star cussing, but a really really good show... Inspiring to me in one of the facets of my day job. Pictures below.

Nashville was a great place to break the fast- great ribs and steak for the food portion... great rock music for the music portion. What will stick? Only time will tell.

The Stats for today:
Breakfast: skipped it - we were out of strawberries, and I am an all or nothing guy.
Lunch: Skinny Burrito from, where else, Barberitos- should have gotten tofu, didnt need the chees.
Snack: peanuts
Dinner: Basmati Rice and Black-eyed pea patties... yummy and satisfying (who am I???)

Weight: 283 - see Outback, Mary's, and River City Brewing Co.
Mood: Anxious to stick with healthy eating and healthy praying


The FAST... Day 19

Only 2 days left! I have been lax in my blogging, no excuses, just haven't been getting around to it. I am sitting at my parent's dining room table right now- we are hanging out here for a couple of days... Kel and I are going to see the Foo Fighters in concert tomorrow night in Nashville, so we came over to H-patch a little bit early to hang with the fam and chill a little.

Fast is going good... My dad says he wants to try this eating plan, seeing as how the benefits to me have been pretty, well, beneficial... We made smoothies in their food processor this morning- they were more like gritties than smoothies... As a reward for doing so well on the fast, we are going to Lowes today to buy a new blender that specializes in smoothies- since ours is starting to smell like burning every time we use it.

Here is a funny fast story... Our transmission had some "issues" last week and we took it to "George" to fix it right outside of Danielsville, the seat of Madison County, Ga. Now D-ville is a fairly small rural town- but more and more people are moving to the area... So like most small towns it has a Hardees, Subway came to town years ago, and most recently Chicken Express. Now I loved Chicken Express in Red Oak- one of my favorite places. Anyway Chase and I went up to D-Ville on Tuesday to get the Jeep, we figured we would eat at this new cafe that opened up- being on this fast, we went in planning on some soup and salad... Well, it was awesome asking the girl at the counter what the soup of the day was - and when the response was chili, it was even more awesome to ask if it had meat in it and then say we were looking for a more vegetarian menu... As we tried to inconspicuously slide back out the door, every eye in the whole place was fixed on us "city boys" looking to eat like rabbits. Long story short, Danielsville has no "fast-friendly" options, so we ended up at Chicken Express... Eating corn on the cob and mashed potatoes- which was even MORE fun to order... "No ma'm... No chicken, No Biscuits, No Sweet Tea... Just some corn and potatoes..."

Some other highlights of the past few days:
-Eating Barberitos burritos like every other day... Their tofu is def. the best, and when you mix fresh jalapenos, grilled onions, and salsa- mmmm I could eat another one right now.
-Getting to edit the skydiving video that we shot on Monday... lets just say the Top Gun soundtrack fit perfectly.
-Getting to fly the plane on Monday... it really was a rush, and as we drove the 4 or so hours to Huntsville last night, I couldn't help but wonder how much faster it would have been in a plane.
-Playing basketball Tuesday night and having more energy than ever.
-Driving until midnight without my trusty road-trip physician- Dr. Pepper.

The Stats for yesterday:
Breakfast: Smoothie - getting to be a pro now!
Lunch: Potato with Veggie Chili from McAlisters
Dinner: Brown Rice, Kidney Beans, & Rotel Tomatoes

Weight: 280
Mood: looking forward to Sunday night steak!

Picture coming soon!


You think you are detailed...

Rainy, icy day here in the ATH... Been culling our tax information for 2007, household expenses and such... Sort of had a mini-review of what we have done/where we have been... Then I started cruising some favorite blogs and found this dudes review of his year... AMAZING.

A Discovery...

... I used to drive a Discovery.... Got 700 bucks for that thing about this time last year.I digress...

Many of you know (meaning 3 out of the 4 of you who actually read this) I have been on a journey of self-discovery for about the last 16 months... This journey actually led me to the woods for a solo encounter with a bear at one point... At any rate, I have been pretty perplexed by all the things I find myself doing, all of the things I find myself able to do, and all of the things I find myself wanting to do... which ultimately begs the bigger question people always ask me: "What do you want to do?" Like there actually could be "a thing" that sits atop, or identifies itself as being more me...

Frustrating is the least descriptive word that could be used here... But I have found a concept in the last few weeks that brings hope... It is the idea of the Generalist (in juxtaposition to a Specialist)... Wiktionary difines a generalist as: a person with a broad general knowledge, especially one with more than superficial knowledge in several areas and the ability to combine ideas from diverse fields.

Here is a great description of the generalist/specialist relationship from a blog I have recently started reading - The Creative Generalist

So, there you have it, just as I described at the beginning - A Discovery... some inspiration, some hope, some mental ease that I might not have to have "that 1 thing" I ultimately want to do...


THE FAST... Day 12

Felt much better today... still participating in the fast. Highlights from the day:

-Finished the rough editing on the latest "Dangerous Jim" video... Lets just say that the most appropriate background song is a George Clinton & Parliment Funkadelic diddy
-Appeared as "Big-Bry the Cool-Prize Guy" to about 1000 elementary school students... what I will do for some money to fix a transmission!
-Bought 6 pounds of frozen strawberries and a gallon of peanuts... good times ahead this weekend...
-Blood Pressure check- you know its hard to pass one and not check: 125/74.. pretty good, considering everything I am eating right now has extra salt...
-Ate corn on the cob, brocolli, and red-pepper potato slices for dinner
-Watched High School Musical 2 with my "musical star in training"- MJ... much to Kel's dismay
-Was again blown away by how much you can learn by seeing someone's iPod playlist... I am amazed- snowy music = awesome

So yeah, we were out running around in the truck- like a good ole redneck family... Papa driving the F150, baby girl in her carseat ridin' shotgun, and momma right where she belongs on the hump in the middle... Kelly's Jeep cannot get fixed fast enough... Anyway- I really really just wanted to get some Chick-Fil-A... It was definitely feeling like a fast today.

The Stats:
Breakfast- what else.. smoothie.
Lunch- late, after prostituting myself for the education of the masses, tofu burrito
Snack- Peanuts- in the shell- FYI- Kelly does not like the steakhouse "shells-on-the-floor" look
Dinner-Red, Brown, Yellow, & Green stuff

Weight: 283 (20 pounds!)
Mood: Just happy to be back from the brink of sinus explosion


THE FAST... Days 10 & 11

Have been sick... Crawled out of my recliner to say hi, and yes, I am still sticking with it... Something exploded inside of my head, and has caused other smaller explosions elsewhere...
Not feeling good.

Eating like a rabbit... Feeling like a sloth....

Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.


THE FAST... Day 9

Well... the "fast" continues today... I have a confession to make though, Chase and I went to Jason's Deli, got the soup and salad- I totally forgot that Red Beans & Rice has sausage in it... Sooooo a few bites of meat passed my lips today- well not really meat, more like meat products... I figured that since it wasn't really meat, it didn't count.

Today was a fairly straightforward day, kind of falling into a regular rhythm of this whole eating thing... I have progressed into thinking about where I go from here... I am really feeling the healthiest mentally, physically, and spiritually than I have in a long time... I really think its taking the extra time with God, and tuning out a lot of distractions that has made the difference... Oh yeah- not having a grease & caffeine fueled system probably has something to do with it too.

So I am thinking that fast food will not really be a part of my regular routine as it (shamefully) once was... It really scares me how badly I ate and how little I cared about it... It honestly scares me to think about falling back into those habits again.

So today was a good day, except for almost getting frostbitten toes trying to ice down my ankles after basketball practice.

The Stats:
Breakfast: Smoothie... what else (Blender update: still hanging in there)
Lunch: Jason's Deli Soup & Salad.... Red Beans and Rice faux pas
Snacks: Carrots, Peanuts, & more PHICKLES!!
Dinner: Banana on the way home from practice & baked potato w/ EVOO & Salt/Pepper

Weight: 286
Mood: Optimistically Cautious, or Cautiously Optimistic

PS- No picture on purpose- too lazy... Ankles hurting some... Maybe tomorrow


THE FAST... Day 8, with 5,6,7 recap

Okay, yeah the title says it all.. I have not checked in for a while... That DOES NOT mean I have given up on fasting (again- I am really not fasting- more on that later) or on blogging... I decided to take Fridays & Saturdays off from blogging, and genuinely meant to check in last night, but after small group and taking the babysitter home, I was wiped- plus I had to squeeze in a couple of test viewings of A&E's new show Parking Wars... Yeah you got bumped for a reality show... Deal with it. Anyhow, if I seem kind of hostile, its because I just want to eat some meat... Maybe some cheese. Maybe some meat and cheese jammed together between seeded buns, flame broiled from Burger King...

Just kidding. Not really.

Yeah, I am surviving... I have been able to figure out how to adapt at the 4 different restaurants I have eaten at since this thing started... Kelly & I went out to eat with the Cockfields Friday night at Doc Cheys... I had General Chey's Tofu... It was the worst tofu experience, and I figured out that for me, tofu needs to be cut small, it can get gooey inside. We had Sunday lunch at Barberitos and I had the best killer burrito ever.... Black beans, grilled onions, sauteed tofu, fresh jalapenos, fresh cilantro, fresh salsa, and lime squeeze, all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla- dang it was good! Kelly fixed a good meal tonight- flash back to Fort Myers at the Casa De Bricker: black beans over brown rice with fresh salsa... yum yum good.

Saturday's lunch had to be the lowest point of the journey so far for me... I was home alone while Kelly & Monkey were at a gymnastics birthday party and I was left to fend for myself... I decided to get creative and have some celery and peanut butter... Only the celery was old and limp and the peanut butter was all natural... Umm- that was the nastiest thing ever... I ended up eating a bunch of dried fruit and nuts.

So mentally & physically doing really well. Spiritually, doing even better than that- had some great time with God this morning, still hanging out in Psalms... Really inspired by Psalm 13- really spoke to where I feel right now. Even got inspired to write a hook for a worship song... you will never hear it- it will only exist in my little-black creative journal.

Anyhow- still trying to make time, okay not trying hard, to get to the gym, I am playing basketball though- so that kind of counts?

Thanks for the comments, even though some of you are just talking to each other.

Breakfast: Sooper Smoothie, vanilla protein powder (I think I have burned our blender up)
Lunch: 5 Star Day - "Garden of Eatin'" veggie plate: side salad, mashed potatoes, & broccoli/rice soup
Snacks: Phickles & Almonds
Dinner: Black Beans over Brown Rice with Spicy Tomato Salsa

Weight: 288
Mood: Aggressive


THE FAST... Day 4


Back in the saddle kids... So yeah today was a really good day- most everyone I talked to today had the same feelings, like a corner was turned... Today really felt like "The Fast" began to be more about a spiritual journey and less about an eating plan (although I am still trying to get used to being a herbivore)... I took some time this morning after Kelly & Macy left for school (Kelly is doing so well- brave every day) and read through some Psalms and did something I have heard about, but never for some reason ever done- paraphrasing a Psalm in my own words...Eugene Peterson is in no danger of losing his place as Christendom's #1 paraphraser that much is true, but it was very meaningful to me...

Some additional highlights from the day:
-Figuring out how to eat at Barberitos and still stick to the plan... If "dude" says it's brown rice, I believe him... seriously, I have had tofu for lunch 3 days in a row... I don't even know me anymore...
-Dehydrated apples
-Realizing that my wife may vote Democratic in the next election... Evidence from today: her "bring-your-own" Publix bags, insistence on recycling on behalf of the church, and buying energy saving light bulbs (which are oddly reminiscent of giant Arby's curly fries... very pale ones)
-Falling in love with my Logitech Harmony remote control all over again
-Blogging while watching a kick butt episode of Grey's Anatomy that almost made me cry... almost made me cry- my eyes are watering because its late, and I have a runny nose from sinuses

Day 4 stats:
Breakfast: Smoothie- don't think I'll ever get tired of those
Lunch: Skinny Burrito no cheese on whole wheat w/ tofu, fresh salsa, cilantro, black beans, and fresher jalapeno peppers...
Nibbles: Peanuts and Granny Smith Apple
Dinner: Cafe Rose served up edemame & brown rice, with broccoli & baked cinnamon apples

Weight: Still hovering at 295- depending on where I put my feet... either that or I fluxuate about 5 pounds either way just by breathing... Might need to invest in a new scale?
Mood: Upbeat and optimistic, at least until an old annoyance reared its ugly head... but I will survive

THE FAST... Day 3

Yesterday was Wedensday (in case you were wondering) so by the time I go home, had a root vegetable for dinner, and watched Project Runway, I totally was fried... And forgot to check in with my fast log... Wow it only took 2 days for me to not blog! Yesterday was a carzy day, my first day as "not the Student pastor" in 6-1/2 years! That was an adjustment for sure. Ate lunch at The Grit again... those people ARE kind of dirty looking when they stand around out back of the kitchen and smoke... And they do seem kind of "better than you" on the inside, but when you are the cool place in town to eat, you could get that way.

I feel like I am still trying to tune out the desires and cravings for food/earthly and tuning in God... again, with a partial fast, my schedule is still relatively the same, so added time with God is still a very conscious choice... I will admit that lunch came and went and it was 2 o'clock before I remembered that I didn't have any "truck time."

Sorry for the short, make-up post this morning... Look for a full Day 4 recap with picture this evening!

Day 3 Stats:
Breakfast: Standard smoothie + honey and turbinado
Lunch: Golden Bowl (Tofu, Brown rice, & veggies)
After Lunch Kick: Power Punch Plus Smoothie King
706 Nibbles: Pineapple bites & Big 'Ole Granny Smith
Dinner: Baked Potato

Weight: 295
Mood: too busy to notice


THE FAST... Day 2

Ok, calling this a fast seems pretty inacurate (kind of like me using the term big-boned...) I had a great day of food... But I am really tired.. I never really knew how much I have leaned on sugar and caffeine... I feel completely exhausted! Was less cranky... more just annoyed today.

Here is the thing though, over the last 48 hours, I have become more inwardly focused... (thats a wide-angle lens)... More contemplative, less outspoken (call Jenkins & LaHaye), and slower to pray outloud... weird, kindof. My prayer is that God would continue to develop this hunger for Him, and honesty with myself...

Very tired today.

Breakfast: Smoothie (OJ, Banana, Protein Powder, Frozen Strawberries)
Snack: Baby carrots, almonds
Lunch: Vegetable Tofu Rice Bowl from The Grit... Apocalyptic!
Dinner: Potatoes with Italian & Greek seasoning

Weight this am: 297
Mood: too tired to be in a mood.


THE FAST... Day 1

Goal for this blog: - to be somewhat more reflective and transparent than on the DP.com site; also to keep some statistics of the journey, including intake and outake...
DAY 1- 01.07.08

Day started off different than I had planned, Kelly had a severe migraine (my B-MD diagnosis) and we were up most of the night, she started breathing heavy at about 2am... (I think, pretty sure I started snoring heavy about 1:30am)... Anyhow, I had very little time to do much of anything, as I got up showered quickly and had to get out the door and take MJ to LiveOak so that Kelly could have some recovery time at home... I was kind of down on myself for not spending more "God-time" this morning, until I realized that I really never eat breakfast- but that lunch is normally my focal eating time (I hope Fresh-Air BBQ can stay in business over the next 3 weeks!)... So I spent some time during the lunch hour with my Bible and Fast-Guide, about 20 minutes (twice as long as it usually takes me to eat)... To me, thats where the real heart of this fast will live for me - replacing what I remove with God... (1 steak = 1 hour, so what about Krystals... I could kill a sackful of God right now!)... It was good times reading out of Jeremiah (thought I would start off with some light reading!)

Staff meeting was awesome... we were all so tired and hungry, Jim could have gotten me to agree to most anything, (I think I did join the boyscouts)... Here is how out of it we were while our bodies adjusted... The power went out, and we sat there discussing the topic at hand in the dark... Chase and I looked at each other like- are we still sitting in the dark... It really got embarassing when Clint came over from next door...

Came home and broke the liquid-phase of the fast with a Strawberry-Banana (thanks for the spelling help Gwen Stefani!) smoothie... Played some hoops with the Mighty Men of Compass Basketball Team... we won. All in all it was a great day- I felt like I could have extended the liquid only fast for another day or so, but I opted (Kelly told me to) to follow the plan, and maybe do another liquid fast somewhere else along the way (or whey, Brandon)... Anyhow as I said to small group last night... Its really more about the spirit of the journey than the letter of the law (BTW- dont try that line on a cop... They have no concept of the "spirit of the journey")

Breakfast: glass of OJ, 16 oz. of water, 3 whiffs of Macy's CocoPebbles Breath
Lunch: 32 oz. of water, 20 minutes with God
Dinner: Smoothie, 2 handfuls of almonds, & half a Granny-Smith
Post Game Meal: 1/2 Red Bell Pepper, some more almonds, baby carrots, OJ

Weight this morning: 303 (uhhhh... I was "preparing to fast" over the holidays)
Mood today: Cocky this moring, cranky this afternoon, creaky tonight (303 + hoops = pain)