Its the eve of Summit 2007, and I would ordinarily be so pumped about taking 25 teenagers to the top of Lookout Mountain for a week that I could hardly contain myself. Its kind of tough right now... I just put the finishing touches on tomorrow mornings message -on fishing... and I spent a lot of time yesterday working on a video for the service that I would have ordinarily used to prep for camp... So my camp "get up and go", got up and left about Tuesday afternoon.

But, we had some great time with the core of our small group this evening, eating Cajun food and letting ducks nibble on my hind quarters... It was the relaxing break I needed to remain sane! The small group part- not necessarily the duck part.

Don't know why I felt this was bloggable, but I did.

By the way, something to sing about here: Summit 2005- 5 teenagers, 4 adults... Summit 2006- 12 teenagers, 5 adults... Summit 2007- 25 teenagers, 5 adults... Pretty stinkin' cool... Okay I feel more ready to go to camp now... Thanks. Sonny & Ryan, we will truly miss you guys!


I Crack Myself Up...

...and it doesn't matter if anyone else laughs.

Here is a video about ribs that we shot yesterday for this Sunday's service. It is very low res, but its still funny... too me anyway. SPOILER ALERT - if you are a Compass-ite and don't want to see a video "before its time" do not click on the link.

Just thought I would share my love for ribs... Kelly says its ok to love your ribs, just dont LOVE your ribs.


Arm Paint Update

Just a quick post here... the arm paint was removed this morning... frustrated at my apparent inability to see or scrub the inner portion of my right bicept... Kelly moistened a towel as I was drying off this morning and abraised the black smudge right off... "Let me just help you out here" she said somewhat motherly... Although, I must admit it was actually pretty hard work to not clean it off for the past few days... But I cracked up this morning as I filled Kelly in on the joke. I think she was relieved that I wasn't THAT hygenically challenged.

Total elapsed time on arm: about 80 hours over 6 showers (yardwork and outdoor wedding receptions necessitate additional showers).

Total time on arm since I picked Kelly and Macy up: somewhere in the neighborhood of 48-50 hours.


Speaking In Tongues

Macy has recently started speaking in tongues... Not involving flaming tongues of fire, mind you, but Spanish. And really, its more yelling than speaking. You see, we in the Rose household are experiencing a new period in our child-rearing journey... We are now in the Dora-ic Period

All children who live in this brilliantly hued world of Spanglish animation learn that this is one romance language that is better screamed than spoken. There is nothing like sitting at the breakfast table, enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops and listening to a 3 year-old sprite in the next room yelling words and phrases like CASA, BOCA, and MI PADRE VA LOCO Y SORDO EN EL MISMO TIEMPO at her DVR babysitter.

I was reminded of this strange multi-cultural world that we sometimes live in at Target today: Two Asian women and the 6 or so children that were with them (5 under the age of 4) were browsing next to me in the water bottle/vinyl lunchbag/yoga mat section, all speaking rapid fire "you ain't from around here" words. In the midst of this din of hastily strung together "long" vowel sounds, two words spewed forth from one of the boys: "Lighting McQueen!" Over and over he yelled this at the top of his lungs... As the two startled mothers looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, oblivious to the Pixar marketing, I couldn't help but smile... And get a craving for some cereal.

**ARM PAINT UPDATE** The paint almost came off in the shower this morning... I am not sure there will be much left to annoy Kelly with...