Proud Mary Keep On Rollin...

As the vacation of relaxation continues I am becoming more in tune with what actually relaxes me and what doesnt... so here is a partial list:

-Watching the NBA Playoffs in HD: relaxing.
-People I havent seen in years telling me how much weight I've gained: not relaxing.
-Attending a strangers wedding on a fake paddleboat: relaxing.
-Watching Mark swelter in the heat as he performs said strangers wedding: relaxing & funny too.
-Blogging random things from my brain: relaxing.
-Listening to a homesick 3-year-old scream and scream and scream and scream: not relaxing.
-Eating bacon with friends: relaxing.
-Jerking the chains of Best Buy salesmen: always relaxing.
-Driving Macy Bricker around with the fuel light on: relaxing ...for me.
-Paying 3 bucks a gallon for gas: not relaxing.
-Watching Mark's neighbor edge her yard in her swimsuit: not relaxing ...first, she's about 60 ...and second, lycra affords zero projectile resistance.
-Thinking about the 600 mile drive home: not relaxing.
-Not spending my Saturday night thinking about church tomorrow: relaxing.
-Knowing that typing this blog post drives someone crazy (DM): relaxing.
-Listening to the Mark & Miller Show: potentially relaxing ...should I ever choose to listen to more than 3 minutes of one.
-Knowing when to wrap up a blog...


The Go-Go's Were Right!

Ahhh yes. Vacation, all I wanted. Vacation, have to get away.

I am currently sitting at the home of one of the guys closest to me, in a purely hetero way- as opposed to Chris and Crull (don't be jealous of each other)- and I have officially reached the State of Relaxation. It took a few days of church-detox, but I am here. And I thought I would share a few of the highlights so far:

1) I have been determined to take the backroads whenever possible. We traveled a good bit of the East coast of Fla on beach road A1A, and bisected the state on Highway 80. Here is my summation: A1A is filled with dazzling ocean views and spectacular ocean-front housing. Highway 80 is filled with dazed state prisoners working the side of the roads and signs telling the bears where to cross the highway and where not too. I am sure that the signs were not for me, since a bear crossing the highway would get my attention- no sign needed.

2) I am beginning a SURF-SHOP sticker collection. On the back of Kelly's Jeep... she disapproves. Me & Mark on the other hand think that it gives a certain cool factor and some sand-cred.

3) Macy Jane loved the ocean... for about 5 minutes (see photo). Then she clued in to the whole "waves" thing. Not so fond of the concept of a relentless stream of foamy, salty walls of water crashing into her every 7 seconds. She screamed whenever I went into the water. It was great fun for the whole family. Mercifully, J&J watched her on Tuesday for us while Kel & I went to the beach together... Oh Macy had a fever/sinus/ear infection as well. The whole beach experience led me to one important question... When did they start making boogie boards so small?

Thats all from the road for now... thanks for taking in a rather long first posting.