The Month That Was October

Since this is the 5th blog of the month, thought I would celebrate the month that was with the Top 5 Moments of October:

1. Has to 'bee' the un-bee-lievable Macy Jane. Kelly has amazing creativity, and MJ's costume this year takes the cake!

2. A great weekend getaway in Atlanta and some rock-star living with The Daylights!

3. Catalyst '07... Really, Rick Warren was amazing, really. Francis Chan is also on my radar!

4. Georgia whuppin' Florida, sparked by a brilliant motivational tactic for a team needing some fire... Oh yeah- watching it in HD on my freakin' amazing television (mad props to the dad-in-law here) had to be the key to victory.

5. Getting hooked on the Crackberry... Had to do some changing to our cell plan, and I took the plunge and have yet to look back... I also find myself not looking at the road while driving and emailing. Hit me up on the 'berry: brose at gmail dot com!

6. I know I said 5, but the guys in our Connection Group grew some sweet 'staches... can't leave that out of the October rundown!!

October was pretty sweet... looking forward to seeing God do some big stuff in November!

Bee-ing Macy Jane

Well, Macy had lot of fun tonight... We got to connect with some of our neighbors, and it looks like we passed out about 70 or so "Treat the Whole Family" church invitations...

We also spent some time with the Cockfields and Arnolds trick-or-treating as a clan. Here are some pictures of perhaps the cutest bumblebee to ever buzz the face of the earth!

It's also really cool that we did not set out all of the candy when we left to go door-to-door... More for us. Still have to cull through MJ's candy as well... Not that we would pull out all of the good stuff ... I DO have a standing dibs call on all Twix mini's - a mouth-party in ever little bite!


The 'Stache Experiment

Being in community means that when someone thinks it would be cool to grow mustaches, you take a couple weeks of your life, itch like crazy, and grow the 'stache. Here are the pics of the results! Enjoy, and don't fear the 'stache!



So yeah- I think that I want to be Timbaland when I grow up... Here are two simple reasons why: amazing creativity and diverse collaborations.

Timbaland beats are worth the money you pay - his name virtually guarantees a hit or award, not to mention he's got skills.

Timbaland works with some of the most influential and cool people in pop, hip-hop, and well, music... that's got to be fun- I thrive on diversity.

Creativity & Diversity... my thought for the day.


My Monthly Check-In...

...You probably don't even feel like reading this do you? I mean- I blog so infrequently some might say- "what's the point" - the point is I am trying to not set any preccedent or raise the expectation level too high... Or the point is I am kind-of busy and sort-of undisciplined. Yeah- thats the point.

So... checkin' in with some 'wax:
  • Right now Macy's Halloween... errrr Fall Festival... costume is up for grabs. Here are the options in play -Kelly is pulling for the "Flower" -Macy is currently pulling for "TV" -And I almost have her convinced she should be the "Potty" (think the cowboy on the horse costume -fake legs and all.) Please help us decide by commenting your vote.
  • Kelly and I stole away for 24 hours on Friday- it was great to get away and pretend we were rock stars... if only by the smoky smell permanently ingrained into our clothes... some sub-wax highlights:
  • I think that The Soup is my favorite show ever... this blog is taking forever because I keep having to look up and laugh- Joel McHale - my comedy man-crush.
  • HD is awesome- my Father-in-Law is da bomb!
  • I called out a lady at lunch today who was giving some serious attitude to the Zaxby's counter girl- she was being totally rude, demeaning, and actually threatened to grab the next plate of chicken that comes out if it wasn't hers. It was awesome - she was dressed in her Sunday best and marched back to her table and prayed with her kids- like hands clasp on the table in front of them and everything. So yeah - I HAD to say something - first I apologized to the counter girl and told her that not everybody who goes to church is that grumpy afterward - her reply was "yeah - church did her some good today..." - Then I waited until the Phari-SHE's kids were not around and told her I hope her day gets better after having such a rough time getting her chicken. She confirmed that- yes, she went to church and even "taught Sunday school" and evidently that means her chicken had better darn well be prompt. I was really close to asking if the lesson was on patience, grace, or "being my witnesses"... sigh... maybe she will find a mirror soon.
  • Lastly, some highlights from church today: "the twins", twister visuals, and an awkward video.
See you next month- maybe.