Deep thought for the week:

"There's a time for Krumping, and this isn't it." -Nelson Muntz

A Great Day!

Yesterday was a great day! It started very early in the morning... Chase and I got up early to go and reserve a great spot to tailgate before the Georgia Auburn game... Then friends and family joined us to grill (and by grill I mean fill the entire street and adjacent tailgates with smoke... a smoker can grill, but it is still a smoker!)... We hung out and people watched then walked down to perhaps one of the coolest traditions in college football: the Dawgwalk... The players literraly walked between us into the stadium... Macy enjoyed slapping them on the back, patting some on the head, and even pulling a dread or two:

After the dawgwalk, we broke down the tailgate, threw it in the back of the truck and went home to watch the an amazing game: THE BLACKOUT on Goliath... Some great ziti, and a few hours later, we celebrated as the Bulldogs whooped-up on Auburn... And Mississippi State is bowl eligible... The day finished with a couple of chapters of Knowing God. A great day indeed!