Trash Can Diaries...

I think I could have napped all evening, but at some point it is time to get up and be a responsible adult. Meaning of course some snacking on Triscuits and Hummus and blogging.

Definitely took it easy today- ensured by the fact that I popped a NyQuil at 11pm last night... As I shook the fog off to finally get up at 9am, I did something completely counter-cultural to who I am: I threw away a book. Yes a real, hard bound book (no dust jacket of course) in the trash can. The story was horrible, the characters as thin as the nap film on my teeth right now, and the ending so obvious, it took a whole 3 chapters to see it coming. So I threw it away. Because it was really the only way I wasn't going to read it.

A thought... what else needs to be thrown away? How much of what we do do we do simply because it is there to do? Reading a crappy book. Watching stupid TV shows. Studying the Bible. Just kidding. But seriously what is there hindering other areas of my productivity and will I be counter-cultural enough to throw it away?


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