Deaf for Cymbals

Wow... What a week! Here is a recap...
Sunday 3/16 - Services Sunday morning... 5k race Sunday afternoon (yes- I ran/participated in a 5K... 38:11 -3rd place in my division... Should have classified by weight- I would have beat everyone!) Set deconstruction and design that night. Bedtime 12am.
Monday 3/17 - Usual Monday junk... Meetings, meetings and meetings... My legs were really sore for some reason... Set construction... Bedtime 1am
Tuesday 3/18 - Running hard starting at 8am for creative- got inspired sometime after 11 monday night for the flow of the Easter service, so I spilled that during Creative meeting... Off to the races for Sunday... Big night for set construction - much pizza consumed... Bedtime 1am
Wednesday 3/19 - working on Easter stuff all day getting the house ready for guests... took the night off & let "the young guns" do Wednesday night without me... better without me I think... hung out with the 3 ladies in my life: Kelly, Macy, & My Mom... ate my favorite meal (roast, brown creole rice, broccoli, & rolls)... Finished 700-odd page Tom Clancy book, read until 2am.
Thursday 3/20 - wore out the plotter - photoshopped until I had mouse blisters... great crew working on finishing the set... ate lots more pizza... finally put the big sign in place about 12am... went home at 2am... bedtime - 3am
Friday 3/21 - more plotting and finishing stuff for Sunday... Drove mom to ATL to meet Dad- hung out at IKEA... back in Athens and worked on Welcome Packet and message slides until 2am... Bedtime (after watching LOST- 3:30am)

Enough is enough. It was a busy week and I am glad to be back to blogging... Oh yeah today was Easter - How easy is it to be doing the work of Christ and not stop to let Christ be doing work in me. Humbling thought that all of that listed above (except for the 5K!!!!) sounds a lot like clanging cymbals right now... Deaf For Cymbals

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