Chapter 6

Moving day is here... Some of you have asked me to keep track of our progress as we transition our lives from Athens, GA to Houston, TX- so I thought I would rev up the 'ole blog again... I will try to keep track of some thoughts and moments along the way, and share the journey.

I will also document with pics from my trusty cell phone... just to give some context or share some moments along the way. Right now I am sitting outside Compass Church waiting on the Jeep to get serviced before we hit the road, stealing bandwidth, checking email, and making sure that, yes, all the computers inside that are powered up and wasting electricity are entirely unprotected to anyone with a network login (Paul- add that to the list!).

Mixed emotions here... we have loved Athens and her people, but our hearts have left for Houston and we are trying to catch up... The past few days have been hard as we say goodbye to dear friends, (the "see you in heaven" line kills 'em every time), eating out almost every meal, watching the Bulldogs lose the championship game, and packing up our home (entirely un-looked at, nowhere near sold). But we are filled with anticipation to re-connect with best friends, begin the journey with new friends, eat out almost every meal, deciding between the Rice Owls or the Houston Cougars... I'll take C- none of the above?

Macy is doing well... In some ways she thinks that "moving to Houston" is like a vacation and has mentioned "when we get back to our house in Athens"... So we really dont know if she gets it completely yet... She is excited and very happy- we know that because she is singing almost constantly right now... Making up songs about Strawberry Shortcake being her little sister and such.

Kelly is as organized as ever- the packers got to the house yesterday (sadly, without Brett Farve) and laughed as Kelly showed them additional labels that go on the boxes - ROSE- in big letters on pink and yellow background... She is living in fear of my underwear ending up at someone else's place... Not me, I just hope that there is a big boy who lives there that appreciates ventilated drawers.

As for me, lets just say this... its about 70 degrees, lower humidity, with a cool breeze blowing... I am just trying to get as much of this as possible... Oh and I have been watching season 2 Office episodes instead of reading... Hey Jesus, Happy Birthday- sorry your party is lame.

So, I will go home, try to stay out of the moving guys' way and load up the truck and roll on back to Texas.

Goodbye pulled pork, hello sliced brisket.

Back to Texas.


Ashley said...

In the words of one of the Little Einsteins, "I cannot be-lieve it!"
You can't imagine how excited and blown away we are that God would allow our paths to cross yet again. See you when you get here. Bring the mid 70's and lower humidity.

Nathan said...

I just love how you guys wait until the week before we get back into town to head off back where we just came from so we cannot help with the packing or the unpacking! You do realize we owe you, right? On the plus side, Karnes City's only a 3-hour drive away and we've got a Dairy Queen!!! I know you're jealous!